500+ days of PMO abstinence and its life-changing effects (4 parts in this thread).

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Does this success story continue to help you in your struggle?

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  1. I_am_Auras

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  2. Do you know why actually it matches? It's because the effects of PMO is same for everyone. It kills a person's interest in studies , kills motivation,will power,causes erectile dysfunction and the list goes on . It is worthless and a person can gain nothing but destruction.
  3. Angus McGyver

    Angus McGyver Fapstronaut

    Thank you man!
    Will do for sure. The most important things in life (apart from your own physical, mental and spiritual health) are of course family, friends, hobbies/interests and nature. By enjoying and appreciating the smaller things in life, the bigger things will be drawn to you as a result.
    Gratitude and humility will also lead you very far in life, in fact much further than you might think.
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  4. Son of shiva

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    One of the best and most inspiring article on nofap. I have gone through all negative effects of pmo you have mentioned in the post.I hope I will overcome this addiction soon and will live a cheerful and happy life

  5. Angus McGyver

    Angus McGyver Fapstronaut

    Thank you man!
    You will overcome the addiction as long as you have a burning desire to overcome it, plus the perseverance of course. You got to try and try again before you start to get a grip on it and finally start to see some results.
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  6. Breach

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    Thank you for the thread, very interesting.

    I have a question, and I'm sorry if it's been mentioned and I missed it; I was wondering if you undertook any special sexual transmutation exercises during your semen retention and nofap period?
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  7. Angus McGyver

    Angus McGyver Fapstronaut

    Thanks and I'm glad you liked it!
    I never undertook any special sex-transmutation exercises but meditation, affirmations, adopting new and better habits into my daily life (while discarding the old ones), writing down my long term goals and trying to imagine them as they are achieved. Send me a private message if you would like to know more but the best would be to give me a call when I can give you a 10-15 min consultation for free. In that way, I can explain in a few minutes what would take me 35-40 minutes to type.
    I have also read a few shorter books about sex-transmutation. It is also one of the main chapters and principles mentioned in Napoleon Hill's "Think and grow rich".

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