20 years practising NoFap, semen retention I explain all my secrets and methods here

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    I have practiced and studied tantra and tao for 20 years, my father is an expert in Tao or non-ejaculatory sex and has taught me. I was a monk living in a monastery for some time. I’m a physician, I’m good dealing with girls, sports and everyday problems. In this thread I’ll explain all the things I have done to be at this point. I hope it helps.

    Having a role model
    My father has never masturbated and only ejaculated to conceived me he understands sexuality and women as nobody else I know. He has helped me to understand girls and by his example seeing the real effects of semen retention and mastering your sexual energy has on you, I could say he is the main cause of my success. So try to find someone who understands women and sexuality and make him your mentor.

    Having a reason
    Having a strong, clear and valid reason on why you are doing nofap is essential if you don't know why you are doing it, all the rest won't matter.


    This is the easiest way to overcome and be sexually balanced just doing sports

    Importance of awareness
    It’s extremely important to be aware of yourself I consider this a pillar in my practice awareness and to be relaxed this two are the most important to me

    Just relax
    A relaxed man will never PMO, being relaxed is the way of the superior man

    Sense control as part of the puzzle to beat porn
    Especially at the beginning of your recovery sense restriction is important

    It’s a useful tool if you want to use it

    how to never have urges I explain it here

    Movement, breathing exercises, yoga, qi gong
    This type of physical soft energetic practices are very useful.


    If you are spiritual this is a great help whenever I’m focus in my spiritual practice I’m in full control of my sexuality.

    Female nature
    The need to understand women will help enormously to overcome PMO and sexual problems. if your mind is able to understand women a little you can understand your sexuality much better. I consider this point extremely important
    2. https://forum.nofap.com/index.php?threads/462-days-how-to-be-successful-with-girls.314885/

    Reading played an important part at the beginning and middle state of my understanding of sexuality. These are my favorites
    the practice of brahmacharya by sivananda
    the tao of health, sex and longevity
    by Daniel Reid
    the Taoists secrets of love, cultivating male sexual energy
    by Mantak Chia

    connecting sexuality to health
    for me sex and semen retention are health and energy. The most important to me is making this connection to sex and put pleasure in a second plane. So non ejaculatory sex is essential to me and to never ejaculate no matter what.

    Seeing sex as meditation
    Forget about the sensual enjoyment of sex, see it as a meditation practice to create energy and transmutation



    These are the main points above. These others are some extras on particular topics

    Extreme measures to cure PIED, PMO addiction


    Avoiding pride or doing a long streak wrong





    How to be a great lover

    Techniques to have non ejaculatory sex

    How to avoid wet dreams

    Some metaphysical thinking on the importance of semen retention

    The most important aspects for me is having a mentor, doing regular sports, soft sports like yoga, awareness, being relaxed, understanding female nature and meditation. Also understanding why you are doing nofap so read about it and reflect on the subject by yourself.
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    Wow amazing, thank you for all of this.
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    Cool! I don't always fully understand what you mean in your writings on these subjects but somehow there is always some interesting point coming through to me :) And I'm definitely curious to learn more about taoism some day. I'll try to check out the book by Daniel Reid you mentioned, seems like a good introduction.
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    Most people would think that this is utter bullshit, but honestly after reading it carefully I can only say it is all bullshit.
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    And why you say that sir?
  6. clapas

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    Because you pretend to be more perfect than God Himself, which is only a display of arrogance that will not help anyone:

    You can live without sex, you have not masturbated for years, you practice tantra for more than 20 years (your profile says you are 33), your father is an expert in non-ejaculatory sex (in fact your father has only ejaculated once to conceive you), you practice regular sports, yoga, awareness, you are always relaxed, you understand female nature, you have no urges and, above all you avoid pride (ha).

    In another thread you claim: "If you do it wrong a long streak is very harmful."

    You are a scam, sir. And many others realize, but I am the one to tell you.
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    Well sir just because I do all these things I don't think I have pride, as I told before I was a monk I know monks older than 70 years old that never had sex with high levels of wisdom, I wanted to be a monk all my life so since 10 years old I was friend with monks and since then I read about tantra and cherished semen retention.

    I don't say I understand female nature. I mean who understand women? They change their minds in a heartbeat. But at least I try to understand them a bit, that is what I say try, otherwise life could get hard for you.

    Yeah, that is truth. Repression of sexuality can be harmful. It's not enough to do a streak, transmutation needs to happen in order to be healthy.

    I don't know about that, I know people who has done more than 15 years of semen retention. The fact I get out of regular view of sex than most people makes me a scam?

    I think you analyse people and think everybody most have the same flaws. You seem to be the scam sir only a grumpy old man who like most of them loves conspiracy theories but in this case I don't see a deep thinking process in you.

    Your only argument is that I'm pretentious and only point out what I claim I can do but you don't really put a decent argument of what I'm saying is unlikely or not truth.

    I love to have arguments and in this site I love to take down fake people. So I'm more than glad to keep talking to you sir to the point of you making a fool of myself if you can, with a calm, rational speech and good arguments. If you can do it without sounding angry and being rude and cursing too much that will be great.

    But if you think it's a waste of time or that what you say is enough I think we can leave it there too.

    I certainly don't spend too much time arguing here because nobody pays me for it. I just try to help for free. I don't see the need to scam, so you most think I'm really desperate for attention to make almost 100 separate threads of a fake story.

    I might see why you can think I'm suspicious or a scam these page is full of people with mental disorders and I certainly sound different from most people here or ordinary people.

    Have a good day caveman
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    For example one of the other long streak holders here called right effort he is or was 550 plus days streak semen retention no sex or masturbation but in his lastest updates he changed his mind and started doing solo taoists practices or masturbation meditation and also decided to have a girlfriend.


    I pointed out to him of why not having non ejaculatory sex if he has a girlfriend and he answered quite rude telling me "I loved sex too much" , totally uncalled for and in a sarcastic tone to say the least. Certainly there was some pride and anger in his reply.

    And no wander some days later he watched porn and restarted his counter.

    Solo practice can be useful in some cases but after such long streak I don't see the point, also his mind seems to have some peculiar contradictory ideas like waiting to create love with a girl and knowing her for a long time more than 6 months in order to have sex and at the same time he practice masturbation so choosing the most ineffective way to balance sexual energy(solo practice) having the best possible way (sex)

    This is a case for me of a long streak done wrong or making a misleading choice along the way.
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    I've seen in the page other long streak holders which are few with a lot of anger, rigid ideas about sexuality.

    I could point out who they are but I don't like exposing people like that. I know right effort and we had talks before that is why I mention his case.
  10. modern milarepa

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    That is truth an extraordinary man, if simply your mind think as your avatar we all have the same caveman primitive needs for sex then I can't argue or discuss this type of practice with you.

    I'm not always relaxed I try to be which is different. Where i said this? Quote it.

    I don't have urges, that is correct I simply don't from many years. Sex for me is a form of meditation not so much sensual enjoyment. I meditate and transmute sexual energy. I can see why is hard to believe. In these case I explain in the urges thread more in depth. But if you analyse this in a regular man who does ejaculatory sex and love the sensual enjoyment of life I can tell it sounds like a lie. If you think all men crave sex the same and have sex the same way then there is nothing I can do there to point out why I don't have urges to you.
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    Maybe this post is a little dense and the claims can seam unrealistic and very difficult to achieve to a porn addict or a recovery porn addict. That is why I usually make simple threads with ideas that are easy to grasp and practical to most people in this community.

    This is a special thread because is the compte rendu or the complete guide to all my threads. I made it so if someone wants to really dig into all the methods I've used he/she can do it in a more organized way. I'm far from perfect I need a lot more work to do in order to master sexual energy but I have a little experience in having a somewhat healthy view on sex and long streaks to back it up.

    I'm just sharing my taoist view on sexuality. I think is a very healthy way to see sex. It's not been discussed too much here and maybe it can help someone.

    Maybe not you @clapas but some people who have talked to me said it's been helpful to them.
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    Streak update: 431 days no PMO, semen retention
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    how can i get ride of premature ejaculation?
  14. modern milarepa

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  15. radhouane

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    i did read that i must donofap for 90 days before starting semen retention is it true ?
  16. PegasusKid

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    Well you could probably just do semen retention along with those 90 days, it just means not ejaculating. If you have a partner that might be harder. But I also wouldn't be so fixated on the 90 days, I would just generally focus on leaving porn behind you and not worrying too much about each day cause that'll just make you think about it more.
  17. radhouane

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    is it possible that could make some problems in my gential because a lot of semen doesn t going out i wanna practised semen retention because i have premature ejaculation (i mean masturbation wihout watching porn and without ejaculation )
  18. PegasusKid

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    Semen retention by itself usually has no side effects. But masturbating without ejaculation(also called edging) could cause blue balls which means your balls will get sore for a bit. It doesn't happen that often especially if you practice it but just letting you know. https://www.healthline.com/health/healthy-sex/side-effects-of-not-releasing-sperm https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/is-edging-bad-for-you#definition
  19. radhouane

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    i did pracised for 2 months it's true i had blue balls but i did learn some techniques i dont have blue balls anymore this time i start fapping again to porn and i have premature ejaculation i get confuse semen rention or NoFap this time , i m really addicted to porn this time more than ever , and there are more fetishes and kinks i didn't expect from myself to watch somethings terribles like that
  20. pcmaster

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    Would like more about in spiritual aspect please. Since Jesus Christ and God have helped me the most in this nofap journey.

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